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At least we're brushing our teeth :)

From a recent Channel 4 documentary on shoplifters from their 'Dispatches' Series:

According to the documentary, £2 million quids worth are pinched daily. The Ten most stolen items from shops on the high street are:

10. Meat (esp. packets of steaks)
09. Instant Coffee (only the name brands)
08. Electric toothbrushes and replacement heads
07. Medicines and vitamins (esp. pregnancy tests)
06. DVD's and PC games
05. Batteries (only name brands)
04. Clothing (esp. sportswear)
03. Cosmetics and toiletries (esp. Olay and Lynx)
02. Alcohol
01. Razors (esp. Gillette Mach 3)

Much of this makes sense, but razors? Why are they the most nicked item (pardon the pun)?

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