adinazed (adinazed) wrote,

Rest In Peace, Scott Lofgren

I just heard an ex-boyfriend of mine passed away last weekend in a roads accident. It was quite a shock as I hadn't heard from him in several years now and it's one of those things you always hear about, but never expect it to happen to you.

From today's 'San Francisco Chronicle':

I first met Scott while working at a magazine in 1998. We would have monthly staff meetings on Tuesday evenings and we got to chatting after several of these. After I left the magazine, we dated briefly, but it didn't work out. I think it was just a bad time in my life with my fathers passing and everything.

He was always laughing and smiling, and I think that's what I remember most about him. Scott was a paramedic and he had a certain way with the patients he met. He had one of those personalities where he got on with everyone. When I took a few paramedic classes myself, he was in my thoughts a lot. But I never got back in touch. Looks like I left it too long. He'll be missed.

Cheers, mate.

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